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Ketika ingin mencari reverensi SEO di luar untuk meningkatkan kemampuan ber-SEO, Ternyata aku nyasar di sebuah blog asing dan dapat Video Tutorial SEO (Search Engin Optimation) gratis (lumayan). vidoe tutorial ini seharusnya berbayar akan tetapi bisa dapat yang geratis, Betapa beruntungnya, bener gak!!

Ok, Langsung aja. Dari situs itu ada gambaran pembahasan dalam Video Tutorial ini meliputi :
Terjemahin sendiri yah.... heheheheee...

Here are some examples of how SEO marketing research can help target and refine your new marketing ventures:
* SEO marketing research can determine with considerable accuracy the performance of competitors' businesses, especially so if conducted on the internet, and determine the number of competitors in a specific market niche.
* SEO marketing research can quantify market interest in a product, service or nonprofit enterprise by gathering search activity from across the internet
* SEO marketing research can help refine market targets, messaging and in some cases demographics
* SEO marketing research can be used to detect emerging trends, fads and interests

THE FOUNDATION: SEO and Market Research

The Foundation Manual
Video #1 – Trend Spotting
Video #2 – Offer Spying
Video #3 – Keyword Research
Video #4 – Market Analysis
Video #5 – SEO Essentials

PART TWO: Free Traffic

Free Traffic Manual
Video #6 – Article Marketing
Video #7 – Video Bouncing
Video #8 – Social Network Marketing
Video #9 – Social Media Marketing
Video #10 – Conversational Marketing
Video #11 – Buzz Marketing
Video #12 – Viral Marketing
Video #13 – Piggyback Marketing

PART THREE: Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic Manual
Video #14 – Google Adwords
Video #15 – Google Content Network
Video #16 – Facebook Social Ads
Video #17 – PPV Advertising

PART FOUR: The Super Advanced Ninja Bonuses

Video #18 – Outsourcing
How to pay someone as little as $5 an hour to do all of this stuff FOR YOU!!!
Video #19 – Email Buys
Found a profitable campaign?
Here’s how to get in front of 5 million people.

Download HotFile:

Download Uploading:

Download SHR:

Download RS:

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