How to fixed Laptop Reboot Problems

Simple guide to laptops and PC that reboot on their own and the reasons this occurs as well as fixes.

Many experience the annoying problem of laptop computers rebooting for no reason. Not only is this a real irritant, it can also cause problems with loss of data as this happens in the middle of some work being performed. This reboot issue can occur only once, which can happen for many reasons and that is okay, but if it continues to be an on going problem then it needs to be addressed right away.

Laptops have built-in circuitry that monitors the state of the internal environment. A reboot issue usually has to do with the power supply levels. Most do not think about the power supply, or think that it will ever fail, but they can fail quite often, and it is a fairly common problem facing computer users overall.

The power supply communicates with the motherboard and must be compatible with the outlet. If the power level is not correct then the computer will not start. This seems like a simple problem, but things are not always as they seem when dealing with computers. When a power supply is going out or being depleted the power can fluctuate. This can create boot problems and the laptop can come off and on without any reason. Reset logic is what causes the computer to shut the machine down so it relieves the load on the failing power supply. So, instead of the user pressing the reset button, the laptop or PC does it itself. While these maybe random occurrences, eventually your computer may not come on at all.

To test the power output, you should have a multimeter, and be knowledgeable on how to use it correctly. Hiring a reliable computer technician maybe a good idea, as these types of issues are not for novices. You can do a simple test and switch the power supply to one that you know works, and if it that fixes the issue then you know that it was the power supply, and if not then further investigation will be required.

A regular self-reboot problem could be associated with several other issues as well. It could be a hardware problem, especially if it occurs randomly. Other causes of laptops rebooting on their own can be a broken CPU fan that will cause the computer to heat up and turn itself off for safety, motherboard problems, memory expansion boards, cable issues, and socketed chips. Another issue, which is hard to diagnose, is a possibly cracked motherboard.

Overall laptop tech issues can be frustrating to users. With a little knowledge most problems can be resolved easily while other require a knowledgeable professional to diagnose and fix the problem. It’s a good idea to do some research first to see if you can save the expense of hiring a technician, this is much cheaper and can possibly resolve the problemScience Articles, but not all problems with reboot can be done at home and then the knowledge of a professional computer repair person can really make a difference.

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